What is a soil report?
A soil report contains soil samples taken from your land. Our engineer needs to test the soil to classify the type of soil being used to provide the right footing system for your home.
Recommendation for landscaping?
We are willing to recommend a local supplier that will create a landscape to your liking.
6 star energy rating?
We can design & build your house to comply with a 6 star energy efficiency rating.
Fengshui home design?
We design & build your house to encompass fengshui principles. Please ask our builders the possibility available.
What are our inclusions?
We have two packages, a standard inclusion package and a deluxe package. Each of these packages are customizable to suit customers. Please enquire today!
What’s recycled water?
Recycled water is used for flushing toilets and watering your garden.
Will my fridge fit into the fridge cavity?
We can always customize the cavity according to your fridge dimension. Please provide the dimension to our sales consultant.
Can I extend my garage?
This depends on a number of factors which includes the size of your land and building regulation. We can always to make it work, please consult our sales consultant
What type of stairs should I be using?
Dependent on the size and type, whether it will fit in your house, please consult our sales consultant to pick the best possible design for your home.
Range-hoods can it be made external?
Yes, we can customize this to suit you.
Building ‘Smart’ homes?
We do build smart homes and can have pre wiring done for your system to your liking. Please consult our sales consultant
Do you build block on slope?
We can build on block that slopes however we need to undertake an assessment of your land to see if there are any significant adjustments that need to be made.
What is my driveway gradient?
We do all sort of driveway gradient however it must not exceed the maximum gradient level that are set by the council standard drawings. Outside and inside of property boundary requires different type of gradient requirements. Please consult our sales consultant.
What are my developer approval guidelines?
Depending on the area of your land, there may be development guidelines in place to protect the aesthetic or ‘kerb-appeal’ of the estate. Please check the developer’s guidelines for your area. This may sometimes affect the type of facade colour and materials selection.
How do I maintain my block of land?
Please clear all rubbish and vegetation from your land and put up a temporary fence to keep people away, by doing this we can get to the constructions phase much sooner. Please consult our sales consultant for additional information.
Recommendation for demolition?
We are willing to recommend a local demolition service. We work closely with them to ensure that all requirements are met to commence building. Please consult our sales consultant for additional information.
What is the town planning process ?
We will handle and work closely with the town planning consultants to ensure the project is running smoothly. Depending on the type of town planning required the process maybe different. If you require specific information please ask our sales consultant.
What is feature survey?
A Feature and level survey is the first step in the process and necessary for a Planning and Building Application. They detail all information about the property, adjoining properties and features in the street, in fact everything that is required by your local council to modify or develop property and land.
What is building permit number?
Building permits are usually required to be obtained prior to undertaking work on a building. A building permit number is the number allocated by the registered building surveyor that issues the permit.
What is an easement?
An easement is a section of land register on your property title, which gives someone the right to use the land for specific purpose even though they are not the land owner i.e shared driveway.
What is a variation?
A variation means to change an item in your contact that was that has been agreed to by us in writing.
Recommendation for swimming pool construction?
We are willing to recommend a local swimming pool installation service. Please consult our sales consultant for additional information.
Recommendation for refrigerated cooling?
We are willing to recommend a local electrical consultant. Please consult our sales consultant for additional information.
What is double glazing window?
Windows which have two layers of glass with a space between them, designed to reduce loss of heat and exclude noise. Good option if you’re building on a busy street.
What is psi?
PSI (property service information) serves to provide the builder, designer and developer peace of mind when dealing with the ever growing challenges of property information. Help us to get the necessary information for your property to achieve an accurate cost estimate for construction works or site costs.
What are obscure glazed windows?
Obscure glazed windows are opaque windows you cannot see through
What is a retaining wall?
A retaining wall is build to restrain soil to unnatural slopes.
Do you build on stumps?
Yes, we do however would need to review the soil report to see if it is suitable.
What is traffic management?
Depending on the location of your land, if your land is on a busy road, it may require a traffic management in order to get trucks on and off site.
Why you need to provide a temporary power pole?
The power is needed during construction while the underground put is still being connected.
What is sewer tie?
A sewer tie is connection point for your sewer drain.
What is fill?
Fill is soil added to the land to create a level platform for building.
Standard response time to a query?
Our response time to an enquiry is within one business day.
What are your office hours?
Our offices hours are between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Contact Us.
What does the sales team need from me?
If it is an estate sales – we require a copy of the plan of subdivision or contract of sale.

If it is a knockdown & rebuild – we require a copy of the title to review the address and land dimensions.

Any preliminary ideas that you may have on our house design.

Do I need asset protection?
As an owner you need it for protection to cover any damage done to council assets by the demolition/ construction team.
Do I need crane hire?
Depending on the area of your land a crane maybe required. Please consult our sales consultant.
What is a sitting?
The place where a structure or group of structures was, is, or is to be located comply with the standard regulatory requirements
What is an occupancy permit?
It stands for certificate of occupancy, this is to certifies that your home is ready and is safe to move in. this certificate is issued by the building surveyor.
What is facade?
Facade is the face or front of a house.
What is building envelope?
An area on your land which which all building development must be contained.
What is Rescode ?
Rescode is a Victorian government development standards for housing, town planning and land sub division.