Oversea Package

We understand and know the local market very well

Whether it is an investment property or a property for yourself we can organised the property management for you. We would like to extend our service to oversea investors.


Transport can be arranged

If you are visiting Melbourne we are always willing to go above and beyond for our clients. Oversea investor can request a pickup from Melbourne Tullamarine airport.

Accommodation will be arrange

No accommodation, No problem, we will be able to arrange a hotel for you while you are staying at Melbourne.


Melbourne is home to world-class arts and cultural heritage institutions, and community events. You will also be able to enjoy Melbourne cultures, in its microcosmos of restaurants and cafes.

A face to face meeting will be arrange

We will be arranging a face to face meeting with our director and can discuss about the next step in detailed

A tour of the land & house

We will be able to show you around the area, and can discuss the type of housing and land you are after

Buy directly off the builder at wholesale price.

We can package an attractive house and land investment option that works with your requirements to suit your budget, location, timeframe, land size and house type, all within Melbourne.

We carefully select blocks within sought after land estates that are considerate to infrastructure potential, safety, transportation, schooling, shopping centres and recreational activities.
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