Project Management

A step by step process of what is involved in managing a house building project.

There are a great deal involved when managing a house or apartments projects. With our expertise you can rest assure you are in safe hands.

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When building a new home, it would be a good investment to employ the services of someone who knows more about how the home building process works.

It is not viable to oversee a building’s construction from start to finish without a sound knowledge of the process.

Anyone wanting to build a home that is customized to your needs, it is essential to get a builder or project manager on board to oversee the process of the entire project, as well as operate as project


A look at what is involved in managing a building project

1. Initial:
  • Arrangement of finances.
  • Organizing with architects the house plan design.
2. Organizing the subcontractors:
  • Selecting subcontractors for tenders.
  • Selecting the best contracts that suits our needs.
3. Consents:
  • Getting permits to build the house (council or estate agent).
4. Managing construction:
  • Setting up the Scheduling for subcontractors.
  • Setting up the suppliers and making sure materials are prepared and delivered on schedule.
  • Supervise the construction progress making sure everything complies with the consent documentation and contract (includes house plans and specs).
  • Arrange building and land surveyor for inspections at the end of the stage.
  • Clarifying anything within the house plan and documents with both contractors and clients.
  • Knowing when progress payments are due and checking claims for payment.
  • Managing sub contractors to fix or complete the work when not done up to expectations.
  • Managing and processing variations and extras that comes up along the way.
  • Amend building consent when necessary.
  • Arrangement of final inspection for the code compliance certificate.

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